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3D Printing Service

We can create your small parts and prototypes with our 3D Printer and 3D Modeling Software.

3D Printing is very useful and effective for creating small plastic parts and prototypes. While not really suited for mass production, it can also be used to create injection molds for mass production.

Our Build Capabilities:

Width      8.5 Inches (225 MM)

Length    5.5 Inches (145 MM)

Height    5.5 Inches (150 MM)

ABS, PETG or PLA plastics



Beige (ABS Only)

Clear (PLA Only)

Light Green


Dark Green






Finishing Processes:

ABS - Cold Acetone Vapor smoothing - This process makes the ABS surface Smooth, with a sheen. Ready for paint if desired.

PLA - We do not offer any finishing processes for PLA. But can offer suggestions.

Gloomhaven Silver Stand
Gloomhavn Gold Stand
Gloomhavn Black Stand

3D Modeling Software:

You provide all the necessary specifications and we will create your part or prototype in the software then provide you with the .stl file needed to print your object.

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