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We Dived into the Exciting Realm of 3D Printing

Micro 3D Printer

We entered the 3D printing world about 7 months ago with the most inexpensive printer on the market. The company that make them is M3D and their website is . This little printer was only $349 and I believe they are still selling for this price for a limited time.

This is just a very basic printer and if you are new to 3D Printing, it might take you a while to figure out the calibration of the print head.

One thing for sure, after you have had time to play with it and print some things with it, it will make you want to step up the the next level of printing. In my opinion, that next level would be one of the 3D Systems Cubes or other desktop size printer. Another one would be the MakerBot printers.

How to create objects to print

There are several 3D cad programs out there. One is called FreeCad. It is open source and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to get you up in running with it in a few days. I have access to Solidworks and decided to use it. There are also plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help get you up in running on Solidworks.

If you don’t have that creative side or want to get started without taking the time to learn 3D software, you can go to There you will find thousands of things that people have created and shared. There is usually everything you need to print the objects out.

We have included a few things that we have printed. Next time we will talk about filaments.

Separate Parts for Spool Holder

Assembled Spool Holder

At Right is the Separate Parts for a Spool Holder

This is the assembled Spool Holder

Replacement A/C Knob

Filament Guide - this was designed to keep the filament from chaffing on the side of the printer

These are Computer Case feet. I have found a TPE filament that I believe will work better for this part

Installed Computer Case Feet

These Hold Down Brackets keep the printer from moving around

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