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Locky Ransomware Update

Just to review what this attack is. The Locky Ransomware Attack is a phishing attack where the attacking entity encrypts your files and then offers to Ransom the encryption key to you for a steep price. One large hospital system felt it was less expensive to pay the ransom than it would have been to recover on their own.

So far to date there is no way to recover files encrypted by the Locky Ransomware Malware. The only way to recover is to use offline backups. This means that the backup had to be stored offline at the time of the attack. It also means there will be some data loss involved. How much depends on how often your offline backups are updated.

I have seen in search results, ads claiming or at least suggesting that their software will remove the encryption. I have yet to see a credible one yet though.

MalwareBytes does have an updated version of its software that claims to block most of these attacks. This will still not help if you are already infected by this attack, but is definitely a step in the right direction.

As we find out more info, we will post more updates.

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