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3D Printing and the Latest Craze

I always try to keep my grand daughters engaged with 3D printing. So recently when I asked the two youngest (9 and 12) what they wanted to make, they both replied spinners. So it was off the to see what was already available. What we found was an endless supply of spinners, of every shape and size. For those who have never heard of Thingiverse, it is a website devoted to all things 3D printed. Members of the site upload files for things that they have designed to be printed on 3D printers. You can find anything from toys to hard to find car parts. Anyway, after what seemed like hours Reagan (9) found three spinners that she really liked. So we printed all three. Here are some pics.

She played with the first two for a while, but once that last one was printed, the other two became obsolete. When it was Madison's (12) turn, she skipped the first two and just wanted the third one.

Here they are:

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